When it comes to weddings, there is nothing I love doing more than capturing your big day candidly and unobtrusively, in a relaxed and laid back style so that at the end of it all, you can hold in your hands, a cherished collection of all the memories and instances that unfold when you say 'I do' to your sweetheart.


I am a storyteller at heart. So all the laughter, all those tears, the cuddles and hugs, and the adoring looks exchanged on the day are all moments that matter deeply to me when I am documenting your wedding day because nothing gives me more joy from a wedding, than capturing and telling a story that is truly YOU and completely YOURS.


All you need to do on the day itself is to just enjoy yourself, enjoy each other, and celebrate deeply with those that matter the most to you :) We'll take care of the rest :)



Engagement shoots are sessions that are about 1 to 2 hours long (depending on your preference! :D ). They are shot in a completely relaxed manner, and the attire is generally casual in nature.


These sessions are the perfect way to capture you and your beloved just as you are, before your big day arrives. They always remain as favourites from our couples as it represents such an exciting and memorable stage of their love story. My aim for these sessions are to give back photos that really capture YOU.


I love doing these sessions with couples because it gives us a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other before your wedding - you can get a feel for how I shoot, you become comfy in front of a camera, and I can learn all about how you tick and click with one another. That way, by the time your wedding arrives, I'll no longer be a stranger at your door and it will be a piece of cake working together all day from start to finish  :)


I promise it won't be hard work at all! :) Just hang with me for the 1-2 hours during your engagement session, and I will take care of the rest. All you need to do is enjoy each other :)






Our pre-wedding sessions are much like our engagement shoots in the sense that they are still shot before your wedding day and they are a great way to get to know each other before the big day, but the difference is that you are in your gorgeous wedding attire instead of casual fashion.


These type of sessions are normally tailored for couples who:

  • May not have enough time for portraits on their wedding day
  • Want to have another set of wedding pictures in a completely different place to their wedding venue(s)
  • Desire to have another collection of wedding photos, but are wanting to do a different look/theme to the one they are creating for their wedding day. This may even include wearing a different wedding dress! :)


Pre-Wedding sessions at JSP are usually anywhere between 2 to 4 hours long, with the option to go to various locations that may be special to you and your sweetheart.


I promise nothing but lots of fun, laughter, and timeless photos to share with your friends and family from the shoot! :)



Who said there ever needed to be a reason to have special photos taken of you and your sweetheart? :)


I've always held the belief that love never needs a reason for celebration, and documenting life itself is a joy and a miracle, and that capturing who you both are at various stages of your love story as you grow as one together is such a beautiful thing.


We have had couples who come back a 2nd and 3rd time with us, we've had couples commemorate their 1st anniversary with us, and then there are couples who just want to preserve the memory of their love story as they grow old together, for no other reason than 'Just Because' :)


Just Because sessions can be shot anytime, and last for 1-2 hours like our engagement shoots. And like all our other shoots, these sessions adopt the quintessential JSP approach which is candid, natural, laidback and fun, so that all you need to worry about is enjoying yourselves and each other :)


JSP has two bases. Sydney Australia (our first base), and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (our lovely tropical second base). It's been that way for the last 8 years! For any shoots that fall in these two JSP bases it does not incur any accommodation/flight costs!